Abstracts according to Program Content

The Congress Abstract Book is available here.

Several program tracks will be established with each track having a coordinator. The coordinator will work with the scientific committee and the program chair to select events. Each track coordinator will be able to recommend events. The final decision and overall coordination of events will be done by the program chair in consultation with the scientific committee.

  • Health coaching: Coaching in Health and Life Sciences
    Coaching for disease prevention
    Coaching for people with Eating Disorders
    Psychophysiology and coaching

  • Organizational and executive coaching
    Coaching in Organizations (e.g. businesses, companies, governments, corporations etc.)
    Well-being and performance

  • Performance and sports coaching: Coaching in Sports
    Stress, Emotion Regulation and Performance

  • Coaching in Arts (e.g. music coaching)

  • Coaching of teachers and educators: Coaching in Education and at Schools
    Coaching for teachers and educators
    Coaching children and adolescents
    Bullying issues

  • Coaching for families
    Parenting issues
    Coaching for relationships
    Coaching couples with sex and marital issues

  • Life Coaching & Lifestyle Coaching
    Coaching and Quality of Life

  • Coaching assessment and outcome evaluation
    Coaching Assessment, Evaluation and Applications for different groups
    Evidence-Based Research and Coaching

  • Coaching and neuroscience and technology
    Innovative technology and coaching

  • Theoretical approaches in Coaching
  • Student coaching
  • Training Standards in Coaching